torsdag 17 juni 2010


Lucy Adams, 25 år från England, är säkerligen en av Europas bästa kvinnliga skateboardåkare. Förra året tog hem minirampstävlingen för tjejer i samband med Ultra Bowl. I år kommer hon tillbaka till Malmö för att delta på Get Set Go! Läs vidare för att bekanta dig närmre med Lucy!

Hey Lucy! You won last years miniramp contest at Ultra Bowl and this year you're entering the street contest Get Set Go! What do you prefer to skate - street or miniramp?
I really like to session both! I like to try and flow when I skate and link tricks together and you can do that in both disciplines!

What did you think of Ultra Bowl last year?
An amazing contest! Watching the mens comp was really inspiring and stoked me out to skate harder. Riding over those steps in the kidney bowl felt so good! I think the format was kind of harsh for those who were at the end of the heat but it was still RAD!

So what's your expectations for Get Set Go!?
Looking forward to skating with girls that are sick and stylish! Love the park and can't wait to get an early skate in at one of Europes best parks!

For how long have you been skating and what made you start?
12 years ish... and I started because I was bored of swimming training and saw some guy do a blunt to fakie and thought... 'that is truly amazing!'

What keeps you going in skateboarding?

Learning new tricks and having so much fun just flowing around! Meeting new friends and totally rad people that share the same passions!

What's the female skateboard scene like in the UK?
Getting stronger and stronger. Good group of girls and more learning and hanging out! Ladies Monthly events are going well... props to Danni and Lois for organising!

Who's your favorite skater and why?
Trev Wedd as he gave me the gift of skateboarding and Elissa Steamer for pushing the boundaries and progressing female Skating.

What's your other plans for this summer?
Lovenskate Tour! Going on tour with the Radest bunch of Lovenskate guys as sooon as I return from Get Set Go!

Thank you for your time, Lucy! Any last words?
'Shred till you're Dead', 'Find and Grind', 'Real Girls Skate Curbs'.

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